Anastasia (starsoid) wrote in aus_outdoors,

Mt Franklin Gorge

A few weeks ago I took a trip through the Mt Franklin Gorge. This is not a classic gorge with rocky cliffs but a creek valley with very steep sides. It is north of Mt Franklin near Daylesford in Victoria. I followed the notes in Tyrone Thomas' 120 Walks in Victoria for a circuit walk of around 12km.

The walk started off along a section of the Dry Diggings Track and meandered along up and down hills for a while in old gold rush country.

After a few kilometers we reached the creek, whose name I have forgotten! It is a lovely creek, and flowed quite merrily after the recent rains. The next section of the walk was off track, following the creek, and hopping over from one side to the other to walk over the lush flats. The creek sometimes flowed under rocks, and sometimes broadened out into glassy pools.

We had hoped to see lots of wattle trees flowering, but were a week or two too early for that. The valley would look spectacular now, I think, as there were hundreds of trees just about to spring into bloom. It was still very beautiful, however, with lots of picturesque trees. We also saw many kangaroos, and heard lots of frogs in the creek. The valley was hauntingly secluded, and not frequented by many people. We met some mountain bike riders on the beginning sections of the track, but saw no human beings for the rest of the day.
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