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Hiking at the Grampians - Mt Rosea

On Friday I went on a hike with the RMIT Outdoors club to the Grampians again. This time it was meant to be a proper hike with packs and all. We left on friday night stopping at Ballarat for pizza and garlic butter covered chips invented by Billy and James. We camped at Burrough huts .it was a freezing cold night but I was still able to sleep most of the time. It doesn't get really cold until about 4am then you freeze, mostly your face. The next morning we got up at about 9am and packed everything up. We took one car to the wonderland carpark and headed off from there. First we went up to the pinnacle which is a 2.1km walk but it took us 2 hours because it all up hill and over rocks. As we walked up we were surrounded by mist, which make for some very nice photos. At the top it was completely clouded over when we got there but we hung around for a while and did the nerve test.


Billy was the first one up there, even he took it slowly at first and sat down the whole way. James did it easily then Madi and the other two girls did it. Since the I was the only one left, I had to do it. The hardest thing when you are up there is just taking a step. On either side you have a 10 meter drop, and you just have to force yourself to go forward. I made it about half way and had to sit down for the rest of it. If you fell you would break something for sure and you would probably need a helicopter to get you down. Its actually worse watching other people do it, because you have no control of what happens, all you could do is watch them fall. Here is me doing the nerve test


By the time we had all done it the weather had cleared up and now we could see the view from the top.


Now we headed downhill for the Sundial carpark and then Mt Rosea Camp ground were would have lunch. The walk up to the Camp ground was tough, we walked for 25 minutes continuously up a pretty steep hill. After lunch we headed up to the peak of Mt Rosea. After about a couple of hours of mostly uphill we got to the top, were you have a 360 degree view of the grampians. If only I had panorama


At this stage it was getting late, 4pm and we had not worked out where we would camp. Burrough huts camp ground was 5km away but Billy and a few others wanted to bush camp somewhere rather than go back to the camp site. The only problem was that we need to find water because we didn't have enough for everyone. We new that there was a couple of four wheel drive tracks that crossed the walking track and these might be good places to camp but we didn't know where we could find water. We stopped at the first four wheel drive track and we split up into two groups and search for water up, after about 30mins of searching we found nothing but Madi and I crossed the second four wheel drive track which was a nice place to camp. It had room for 3 tents easily and it would be possible to have a fire there even. The only problem was we couldn't find water anywhere. By this time it was dark and we decided to head back to burrough huts camp ground. We tried to go back via the four wheel drive track that turned out to be a very very steep downhill for at least one or two kms. This was difficult with packs and it took us a couple of hours to get back to the camp ground at about 7:30pm.

Billy and James decided to go gourmet with there dinner, beef and pork stroganoff with rice or something like that and they even had soup (Even though the soup tasted like wet socks). Billy had also carried 2 litres of port the entire day thinking we wouldn't be back at the car for the night. The rest of us had simple meals basically pasta. It started raining at this stage and we got the fire going to keep warm. Then the port and some strongbows we had in the car came out for a night of entertainment, basically Billy telling us about all the things he has done with his girlfriend. We played a game called "I have never" where you say "I have never" and then something you have never done and if someone has done that then they have to drink. We got bored of this after a while and changed it to "I have" :). Oh yeah this was all after the "Guess the person game" which is basically like "20 questions".

The next morning the girls said they couldn't sleep all night because they were aching everywhere and they got up and sat in the car while the rest of us slept. Some nice rosellas where hanging around in the morning and even a kookaburra

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